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Only a short drive east of Atlanta, we are easily located a mile south of I-20 at Exit 98/Highway 11. Our winery offers a variety of wines made here on site to please any palette. If the time of your visit is right, you may have the opportunity to observe one of the interesting phases of our wine making process, such as harvesting or bottling.

In 1983, we chose a farm in the Piedmont area of North Georgia, 30 miles east of Atlanta, to become Fox Vineyards and Winery. The idea was to produce wines with a distinct character that would go well with traditional Southern cooking and have that certain something that the founders refer to as “Southern Charm.” Seven varieties of the European viniferous and French-American hybrids were carefully chosen for this purpose. The selections of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Orange Muscat comprise the viniferous, whereas Vidal, Seyval and DeChaunac would complete the selection of French-American hybrids. To our delight and the delight of many happy Georgians, this selection has proven to be a great success.

We now specialize in growing the native Georgia grapes, Muscadines and Scuppernongs. With over 15 acres, we have a plentiful crop that allows us to create wines that are truly made of the South. It has been said that our Muscadew and Scuppedew both pair wonderfully with Southern cooking, achieving success for our founder. The Vinters have created a special blend of these two grapes to create our unique and popular Artic Fox. These are just a few of the extraordinary wines that we have created and offer for you to taste and take a little of the south home with you when visit with us.


225 Highway 11 S. Social Circle, Georgia 30025
33.6581177, -83.7172304
(770) 787-5402

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