Cedar Green Vineyards

Cedar Green Vineyards

Cedar Green Vineyards is a small boutique winery focusing on dry to off-dry red, white, and blackberry wines with superb sensory properties vinted from our own Native American grapes and locally grown hand selected premium blackberries.

The Vineyards

Located on the Piedmont plateau in middle Georgia at an altitude of 550 feet, the optimum combination of sun, soil, heat, humidity, and rain provide the ideal terroir for growing Vitis rotundifolia grapes. This terroir, combined with the grape’s potent antioxidant content and specific vineyard management, enables cultivation without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.


The Native American grape date back hundreds of years on the plantation and throughout the southeast United States. The first written accounts of these grapes by early explorer’s Giovanni da Verrazano and Sir Walter Raleigh date back to the 1500s. Scientific evidence, however, dates the grapes back three to six million years in the US. The grape’s longevity and its ability to survive the harsh extreme climate swings of middle Georgia are attributed to an extra pair of chromosomes that are not present in Vitis vinifera grapes. From this extra pair of chromosomes a significant antioxidant content is provided to give the grape all its disease fighting and survival attributes, and make it a highly desirable grape to cultivate.


Today, wild rotundifolia vines thrive around the plantation’s hundreds of acres providing a rich source of food for deer, turkey and other wildlife. In 1995 three of the some 300 different Vitis rotundifolia cultivars, Carlos, Noble, and Tara, were planted establishing Cedar Green Vineyards. Today these organically grown varieties are thriving and the vineyards now includes blackberries along with numerous other fruits.



5115 GA Highway 16 Sparta, Georgia 31087


33.2901034, -82.9825658



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